Remodeling Your Kitchen This Fall? Here’s What You Need

October 7th, 2021

A kitchen remodel in Bucks County means homeowners have the opportunity to create the kitchen of their dreams. They can highlight the features they want, incorporate modern kitchen design flourishes, and be better prepared to entertain guests at all times. However, to bring your renovation and remodel to life, keeping an eye on specific trends can help breathe new life into your space. 

Multi-Functional Spaces

When it comes to home improvement kitchen ideas, you have to understand the evolving needs of modern homes. With more people working from home and transitioning to full-time remote work, finding a space that can double as a home office remains essential. More home remodeling projects are seeing homeowners opt to include a workspace within their kitchen that operates as a small office to get work done — and be closer to the snacks. 

Unique Storage Solutions

With most kitchens, it becomes a battle revolving around the available storage space. Custom cabinets, islands, closets, and pantries provide you with some space, but it can quickly become insufficient if you don’t plan properly. During a remodel, finding kitchen cabinet solutions that provide versatile storage solutions. 

In addition to the versatile cabinetry, utilizing open shelving allows you to use more of the available space. Using shelves to hold different spices, cooking utensils, and other kitchen essentials helps to free up space in other areas and provides you the chance to organize your space how you want it. 

Dark Tones

Picking the right color scheme for your kitchen will set the tone for the next 10-15 years — the average time between kitchen remodeling projects. With the current trends, darker hues and tones have become the most popular option. These darker tones provide a more lived-in feel than the stark white counterparts that were a recent popular trend. Opting for dark color schemes, stained wood, and organic stone countertops creates a warm and cozy atmosphere for the most trafficked room in your home. 

Backsplashes with Pizzazz

Homeowners that opt for muted and earthy tones with their paint, counters, and cabinets may still want to find one area where they add more personality to their kitchen design. Backsplashes can provide the optimal canvas to provide a complementary color contrast to your darker earthy tones. 

Brass Light Fixtures

How you light a room plays a significant role in how people perceive it when they first enter it. With different options available to compliment any warm natural light that may enter your kitchen, picking the right light fixtures to accentuate the room can provide a brighter feeling to your kitchen. As the days get darker earlier, the light reflected off the brass fixtures will help better illuminate your space. 

Choosing the Right Kitchen Remodeling Team for the Job

Whenever it comes time to remodel your kitchen, you want a team with extensive experience with various home and kitchen styles. With Munz Construction handling your project, you can expect an expertly trained team to come in to get it done on time and within budget. 

The Munz Construction team can also help you create a custom built home bar to set your home apart from your friends and family. You can contact us to get a free estimate on your project and schedule your first meeting with our team today!

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