Custom-Built Bars and Cabinets in Bucks County, PA

A DIY project is always a great option, but not much can top the work of art and expertise that you’re granted from bar design and construction experts. That’s why you should turn to Munz Construction for well-crafted custom home bar cabinets or custom-built bars in Bucks County, PA. As with all of our work, our custom-built bars combine expert craftsmanship with careful planning and attention to detail to give you a beautiful and functional final product you’ll love. We have a wide selection of counters, stools, cabinets, and more, and residents are sure to enjoy their available options.

In addition, our bar design and construction experts operate out of plenty of locations, including:

●       Doylestown

●       Chalfont

●       Warrington

●       New Hope

●       Buckingham

●       Newtown

●       Yardley

●       Holland

●       Richboro

●       Southampton

home bar countertop and chairs

Our experts can help you design a unique bar that meets all your expectations and fits your home decor perfectly.

What Materials Are Available for Bar Construction?

Homeowners have plenty of options to choose from when deciding on the type of custom-built bar in Bucks County, PA, they desire. When choosing a bar, your contractor will show you a multitude of options for your countertops and cabinets, including:

  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Steel
  • Plywood
  • Reclaimed wood

Quality Assurance

At Munz Construction, we hire only the most experienced contractors to ensure each job meets our high-quality standards. With over 30 years of experience, our team of experts understands what it takes to get the job done right and never cuts corners. On top of that, our project managers will meet with you as we finish the build to review everything and identify anything that does not meet your expectations, so we can fix them for you before we call the job complete.

As with all of our labor, our custom-built bars for Bucks County, PA, residents come backed by our five-year warranty. We believe in providing only the highest-quality products and services, and for this reason, we support each job with this extended warranty. We also respond quickly to any issues that may arise to keep your home bar looking great for years after construction.

How Long Does Bar Construction Take?

Most homeowners choosing a DIY route have to consider multiple factors, including lighting, electrical wiring, and even plumbing and sink (for wet bar constructions). It might take a full weekend for homeowners to work on their custom-built bar, which could take a week or more for a more complex construction.

Typically, our custom-built bars for Bucks County, PA, homeowners will take about 1-2 days to be completely installed into your home, depending on the size of your bar and the options you include. Our professional bar designers and installers can ensure that the construction of your bar goes smoothly and efficiently and give residents the peace of mind needed during the construction process.

Why Choose Munz Construction?

You get more than an ordinary home construction company when purchasing one of our custom-built bars in Bucks County, PA. We take genuine pride and care in everything we do. We provide both the design and construction aspects of our projects, minimizing mistakes, streamlining our efforts, and ensuring that your bar is built exactly how you want it. Our bar builders operate out of Doylestown, Chalfont, Warrington, New Hope, Buckingham, Newtown, Yardley, Holland, Richboro, and Southampton.

We don’t just stop at bars or custom home bar cabinets, as our company also provides services such as:

For a custom-built bar you’ll love and use for years to come, contact us today for a free consultation or visit us in person to explore our showroom and see first-hand our quality work.

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