Garage Builders in Bucks County, PA

Munz Construction provides remodeling and renovation services to every part of your home. Our expert staff of over two dozen employees possesses years of combined experience, leaving each project they take on a successful and quality job that our customers will cherish for years. Our garage services are no different, as we use our background, resources, and skills to create a space that is ideal for a property owner.

Our garage builders in Bucks County, PA, proudly service the following communities:

●       Doylestown

●       Chalfont

●       Warrington

●       New Hope

●       Buckingham

●       Newtown

●       Yardley

●       Holland

●       Richboro

●       Southampton

Garage Construction Services in Bucks County, PA

If you currently do not have a garage, our design team can create garages that come in all shapes and sizes. Our garage construction services work to amplify your property by not only providing shelter for your vehicles but granting you additional space for storage, equipment, workstations — the list goes on! When you partner with custom garage builders, you can reap the benefits of flexible design and greater overall control.

Garage Remodeling and Renovation Contractors in Bucks County, PA

If your garage is in need of a makeover, our garage remodeling and renovation contractors will work with you to understand your goals. We also provide renovation services in the event that your garage was damaged during a flood, fire, or another catastrophe. With your pre-existing garage, Munz Construction can help you renovate it to become a better space.

Types of Garages We Build

While garages may be straightforward enough in purpose, there are several types of garages. Fortunately, our custom garage builders specialize in a wide spectrum of popular designs and layouts, including:

  • Attached garages: As the name implies, attached garages are part of a residence. Typically, a door leads to the inside of the home, creating an extension in which to park a vehicle and store items.
  • Detached garages: These stand-alone structures are great for keeping your rides but are also excellent for recreational purposes and grant property owners an even more substantial degree of customization options.
  • Garages with breezeways: The best of both worlds, garages with breezeways sport charming architectural character that introduces high practical potential and visual sophistication.

detached two car garage with brick construction

Garage Flooring Options

From polished concrete and epoxy to rubber tile and vinyl, there are several garage flooring options at your disposal. Our garage builders in Bucks County, PA, will work with you to install flooring that makes the most sense for your project as well as your budget, ensuring whatever you move forward with delivers on quality through and through.

Garage Roofing and Siding Options

When it comes to your garage, it’s not enough to only consider the interior or the square footage. You must also factor in the exterior elements that don’t only work to preserve the structure itself but showcase your preferred style. Our garage builders in Bucks County, PA, can review a wide selection of roofing and siding options that complement your home, protect structural integrity, and add to your home’s curb appeal.

Contact Our Garage Builders and Other Specialists in Bucks County, PA

Our garage builders in Bucks County, PA, are happy to serve our neighbors throughout Doylestown, Chalfont, Warrington, New Hope, Buckingham, Newtown, Yardley, Holland, Richboro, and Southampton. Additionally, Munz Construction offers the following:

For more information about our garage builders in Bucks County, PA — or how our company’s full suite of offerings can help realize your vision — get in contact with our team today!

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