In-law Suite

In-Law Suites

Do you have parents who are getting up there in age and could benefit from being closer to you? Maybe your in-laws need assistance throughout the day, and their current living situation no longer suits their needs? No matter the situation, avoid the hassle of finding an assisted living community, and instead add your own in-law suite to your existing home. Munz Construction has been providing quality construction work for over three decades, and when the time comes for residents in Bucks County to add an in-law suite, there is no company more qualified and experienced than Munz Construction to get the job done right.

A typical in-law suite will include a bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, and sometimes a kitchen or kitchenette. However, here at Munz Construction, we don’t just settle for typical. Your design possibilities are endless when it comes to the layout of your in-law suite. Once we gather all the information following your initial consultation, we can make recommendations and considerations to ensure we achieve your goal. At Munz Construction, it’s our attention to detail that helps us stand out from the rest of the competition.

You don’t want to add an in-law suite that looks completely different than your existing home. That why with the power of computer graphic 3D renderings, we are able to visually showcase the final project before any work begins. Make your unique design for your in-law suite come to life. Call Munz Construction today to schedule your free consultation.


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