Why You Should Consider Adding a Portico to Your Home

November 5th, 2020

With vacation options limited for most people, many will be looking for new ways to upgrade their homes’ appearance and functionality this summer. However, it’s no secret that significant home improvement projects can be a hassle, and not everyone is up for that level of commitment.

One less invasive option that many homeowners have to add style and usefulness to their property is adding a portico. As one of the top portico builders in Bucks County, Munz Construction has designed and built porticos for the full range of budgets and home designs.

What Is a Portico?

In short, a portico is a covered entrance located at the front door of a home. They are known for stately columns and adding a majestic visual element to homes when they’re attached. No one knows precisely how old porticos are, but they have been in use since ancient Greece and are still a welcome addition to homes today. If you are looking for a simple solution that yields a lot of return for your home, here’s why you should consider having a portico installed.  


While sometimes thought of as a mostly aesthetic choice, well-built porticos can do a lot to shield a home from the elements. Front doors are vulnerable to weather damage during every season. From rain to snow to direct sunlight, the elements can consistently wreak havoc on exposed wood. From rot and splintering to general fading, doors can age quickly if they aren’t adequately protected. 

A solid portico can act as a buffer between your front door and the harsh weather outside, allowing it to keep its appearance and retain functionality for much longer. It also offers any protection for guests waiting outside your home if you decide to entertain during inclement weather.  

Aesthetic Value

For homeowners looking to add beauty, a portico can drastically improve the look of a home, leading to better first impressions from guests or prospective buyers. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home anytime soon, a portico is an ideal space to display decorations for holidays and special occasions. It can be a secure spot to place pumpkins in the fall or plant tulips in the spring without worrying about them being overly vulnerable. If you or a family member graduate college or get married and want to commemorate the event, a portico can make a banner or sign in the front of your house significantly more pronounced.  

If you are interested in a portico or any other kind of addition for your home, finding the right contractor can make all the difference. For over 30 years, Munz Construction has been one of the top portico contractors in the Bucks County area. To learn more about porticos and other beneficial additions for your home, reach out to the experts at Munz Construction today!

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